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Chloride QuanTab® Test Strips, 30-600 mg/L

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Chloride QuanTab Test Strips, 30-600 mg/L

Chloride is found in nearly all natural waters and affects human taste above 250 mg/L. High levels inhibit plant growth, and many industrial processes need to limit chloride concentration. A simple procedure involves dipping the strip in the sample and comparing the length of the color change to a printed scale on the bottle.

Chloride Determination

When a Quantab® strip is placed in an aqueous solution, fluid rises up the strip by capillary action until the strip is completely saturated. The strip contains silver ions, which combine with chloride in the sample to form a white column of chloride. A moisture sensitive yellow string across the top of the tab turns blue-black when saturated and indicates completion of capillary action and the reaction. The length of the white silver chloride column on the strip is proportional to the chloride concentration.

Following saturation, the value on the tab is read and the chart on the back of the appropriate bottle used to get the chloride value for the strip. Each Quantab® lot is calibrated independently; the chloride concentration chart on the bottle from which the strip was removed is used as values may differ from those of a previous bottle. Multiply the chart value by four (4) to get the chloride concentration in soil in ppm (mg/Kg). Depending on the time taken to shake the sample, decant and filter the liquid, and the turbidity of the filtrate, the time required to conduct a single test is usually from five to ten minutes.

Water produced concurrent with the extraction of crude oil or natural gas commonly contains chemical constituents with concentrations many times those found in fresh water or even sea water.


Ideal for use in food processing (seafood), petroleum production, well mud, cement Production and general chemical industry applications.


Range:30 - 600 ppm Cl- (10-20 mg/L increments)